Union Yoga

A letter from Bruce

Hello this is Bruce from Union Yoga.

I wanted to take this opportunity to share some exciting news about big changes happening at Rodney Street and within Union Yoga.

After the classes on Sunday 30th July Union Yoga will close it’s doors for the last time.

From Monday 31st July 2017 Rodney Street will re-open it’s doors as SACRED HEART CENTRE under the new ownership and management of BEN HEMSON-STRUTHERS our current Ashtanga Yoga Program director.

This new space is entirely Ben’s project and I’m truly delighted that the studios will remain open as Yoga and Well-being spaces in Edinburgh. Ben has a huge amount of energy and passion for both yoga and the space and has some amazing ideas and concepts for the new project. I 100% back his vision.

When starting my first yoga studio nearly 20 years ago I was picking up the mantle of holding the space from others who came before me and it now seems the right time to pass that responsibility on to the next generation with Ben and his team.

I’ve always believed that everything in life has a cycle, a birth a growth and a death. In yoga, this eternal cycle is called Samsara, the continuing loop of life, death, and rebirth is at the heart of everyday living.

It has been an amazing journey, not always easy but a great life teacher. I would like to take this opportunity to thank both teachers and students alike, both past and present for the amazing amount of energy and commitment you all put into making Union a truly beautiful and authentic space. It only happened because of you!

So now some practical aspects. I’m sure you are wondering how this will affect you personally.

When Ben and myself first discussed the possibility of this change we both agreed that it was important the transition was smooth with little or no disruption to students.

The existing timetable and teaching pool is strong and Ben agrees that there is no immediate need to change anything.

This means from Monday 31st July it will be the same Timetable and Teachers operating under the new name of SACRED HEART CENTRE and ownership of Ben.

All outstanding balances as of 30th July will be transferred over into the Sacred Heart Centre system and honoured by Sacred Heart Centre.

i.e. If you have 3 classes remaining as of 30th July and 10 days remaining to use them, these will automatically be transferred and honoured by your account with Sacred Heart Centre.

This includes all memberships, beginner courses and blocks.

For ease of use Union will continue to take bookings for ALL workshops up until 30th July. At that stage any bookings and ALL FEES for workshops commencing from 31st July shall be transferred to SACRED HEART CENTRE.

So essentially there is NO CHANGE to anything from your side. Union will continue to operate for the month of July as normal.

Corstorphine will NOT form part of the new SACRED HEART CENTRE set-up. I am currently in discussions with some parties regarding Corstorphine and hope to have an update and some definite news in the coming weeks.

In the next few days you will receive an email from Ben introducing SACRED HEART CENTRE and some of the ideas / concepts. He will also be regularly updating the website at http://www.sacredheartcentre.org

During the last week of July you will receive an email with details on setting up an account with SACRED HEART CENTRE’s system.

You may also see in that last week change in signage in a practical attempt to get everything moved over in time.

It’s an exciting time of change and growth and I encourage you to embrace these positive changes as your yoga journey continues on the inside.

If you have any questions relating to the changeover please initially contact one of our amazing reception team – the three Lucy’s!

Om Tat Sat


PS – Some of you are wondering where I am. I am in Thailand working to restore and heal myself ready for the next stage of life. This trip was planned and booked 6 months ago but in some ways has worked out perfectly as it allows space for new energy to move into Rodney.
If you need to get me for any reason I am on brucecmackay@icloud.com.